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A state-of-the-art hybrid mixing and production studio in Norway, Bergen specialising in modern pop and rap music.

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Record in a relaxing atmosphere and receive guidance along the way.

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MP specialises in the production of modern pop- and rap music.

Feel free to join the entire session from start to finish!

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Take your track to the next level, with mixing and mastering!

Mixing is the process of controlling dynamics, setting correct levels and adding excitement to the track.

Mastering ensures your track sounds its absolute best.

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mike parda.

I'm Mike Parda, I'm a modern pop/hip hop producer/engineer and I own and run MP Studio Bergen. I have been actively producing music for over a decade for upcoming, established and professional artists with songs surpassing millions of streams across the globe.

MP Studio ensures your song receives the treatment it deserves. Now, let's make some music!